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10 Great Powers by Jim Rohn

    great powers

    Jim Rohn is one of my favourite motivational teachers. Although he passed in 2009, he was prolific in his teachings while he was alive and brilliant with words and ideas.

    Here are the 10 Great Powers he thought we all should develop.

    1. Purpose (the more powerful your purpose, the more powerfully it pulls you)

    2. Self Confidence (self esteem is built through small daily disciplines)

    3. Enthusiasm (that comes from deep within)

    4. Expertise (being willing to keep learning)

    5. Preparation (planning & persistence)

    6. Self Reliance (looking mostly to yourself)

    7. Image (while it’s important how others see you, it’s even more important how you see yourself)

    8. Character (be a person of principles)

    9. Self Discipline (self love + practice = discipline)

    10. Extraordinary performance (always strive for excellence)

    Read Jim Rohn’s biography.

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