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About the People Code Colours

And here’s a brief overview of the four colours found in the People Code by Taylor Hartman.


  • Core Motivation is INTIMACY

Blues are all about connection. They have a deep caring for other’s feelings and are kind and thoughtful. Their decisions will be based on how everyone will feel; that everyone will be ok with the outcome.

Their lives need purpose and meaning for them to feel fulfilled. They need to know they are making a difference. They are loyal and fair and driven by their moral compass. If it doesn’t “feel right” they won’t pursue it.

All of this leads to a tendency to worry. Things need to make sense to them and they need to do things well. They can be perfectionists and are often judgemental (especially of themselves). They believe there is a “right” way to do things so that everyone is happy and no one gets hurt.

They need to feel understood and appreciated. They have very big hearts and are sincere and generous. Relationships mean everything to them and they will work hard to ensure that everyone is considered and included.

Watch a 2 minute video on the Blues


  • Core Motivation is PEACE

Whites are all about calm. They are the peacekeepers. They dislike and will avoid conflict or confrontation. They are the ultimate diplomats and can be relied upon to find a solution that works for everyone. They will remain calm when all around them is chaos… to a point. If pushed too far, they will blow, but this usually takes a lot of pushing.

They are extremely grounded individuals and often see things others miss. If you need an objective point of view, or a measured response, ask a White.

Whites are avid information gatherers and often have a formidable mental storehouse. They don’t make decisions quickly, as they have to collect all the data first and review it. If you need a detailed view, a scientific perspective or a partner for Trivial Pursuit, choose a White.

They are very independent and prefer to work alone as there is less chance of conflict. They function best in calm environments where they can think.

Whites require the same kindness and patience that they extend to others. They can be stubborn and don’t respond well to pressure of any kind. They have amazing clarity and insight, and are the best at listening to others.

Watch a 2 minute video on the Whites

Here’s a short video (7 mins) with Dr. Taylor Hartman talking about the Whites.


  • Core Motivation is FUN

Yellows just want to have fun. If it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing.

They’re lighthearted and won’t take anything too seriously.

They never hold grudges because in moments they’ve moved on to something else.

Yellows need to be able to do what they want, when they want. If they have to do something unpleasant they will either find a way to delegate it, or find a way to make it fun.

They are extremely charismatic and usually have lots of people in their lives. They won’t last long in situations or relationships that are too serious or too restrictive. They need spontaneity and freedom.

They can seem disorganized but somehow will always manage to get things done. They can be deceiving and hide their brilliance and capability under a facade of ditsy.

Yellows need to be adored by others and will seek approval by trying to please everyone. But they can also be aloof and inconsiderate of other’s feelings if their attention is elsewhere.

They make decisions quickly and won’t stay focused on any one thing for very long. They fully understand how to “live in the moment.”

Watch a 2 minute video on the Yellows


  • Core Motivation is POWER

Reds are motivated by power; the power to achieve, to produce, to create.

They are purposeful and productive.

They like to get things done and have little patience for anything that stops or slows their momentum.

As a result Reds can be very demanding (of both themselves and others) and may forget to consider others in their drive to move forward.

They are often driven to accumulate money although this is seldom money for money’s sake. They see money more as a measurement of their accomplishments and as a tool for further accomplishment.

Reds are only interested in the facts; they don’t need the whole story. They are usually mentally 3 or 4 steps ahead of you anyway as they usually have strategic minds and quickly see where something is headed. They think fast, are highly resourceful and love a challenge.

They make better leaders than followers and are usually visionaries who see the bigger picture. They need to be acknowledged for their accomplishments and be respected in their field.

They also like to be right, and often are.

Watch a 2 min video on the Reds


It’s really helpful to have the book as a reference as it’s choc-a-bloc with details about all the colours and how they interact with each other.

The People Code: It’s All About Your Innate Motive.

Want to go deeper into the science of the Color Code? Read the Color code whitepaper.