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Courses and Coaching

IMAGINE offers a variety of courses in self assessment (online, private & group) and 1-on-1 intuitive and holistic personal and business coaching sessions.

Online-OnDemand Courses

I’ve been training with Kara for over 5 years and she has had a profound impact on my life and spiritual journey. Her All About You course contains valuable steps into self exploration which is the bedrock of the personal growth and awareness I’ve gained while studying with her.  I was fortunate to explore many of these assessment tools while working with Kara in person. This new online offering provides the same experience in a streamlined, affordable, and easily accessible format. You will walk away with an increased understanding of your strengths and how to leverage them while building awareness of yourself and others.


Private Classes

To schedule a private class, please email me.

Each Private Class is:

Class length: 2.5 hours
Tuition: $250

These private sessions are delivered via Google Meet (like Zoom). You’ll receive the link and the course workbook after you have booked your class with me.

Tarot cards

Private – Introduction to the Tarot

This introduction to reading the Tarot is delivered one on one with me. In it we’ll cover all the foundational principles required to become an effective Tarot reader, whether you are reading only for yourself, or for family and friends.

Topics Covered

  • Learn the practices necessary to develop your intuition
  • Explore the language of your intuition
  • Understand the components of the Tarot deck (Major & Minor Arcana)
  • Develop your ability to interpret the cards
  • Practice with different spreads (card layouts)
  • Weave the “story” of each reading

What to Bring

  • Your Tarot deck
    I recommend you purchase one that calls to you. It should contain 78 cards, with major and minor arcana cards and a guide for the deck.
  • Print your workbook to add notes
  • Pens and water

Numerology 2

Private – Create Your Numerology Chart

Numerology is the study of the vibrational significance of the numbers found in your name & birth date. Your Numerology chart can provide insight into your strengths & weaknesses, deep desires, emotional triggers, innate talents & the way you respond to others. It also provides tools to make important life decisions.

In this private class you’ll perform the basic calculations to build the foundations of your “numerology chart.”

What to Bring

  • Your full name at birth, and your birth month, day & year
  • Paper, pen, and a calculator.

Topics Covered

You will:

  • Perform the calculations of your name and birth date
  • Identify your outer persona, inner motivation and deep personal self
  • Determine your Life Path, innate strengths, gifts and talents
  • Incorporate the vibrations of your personal year, month and day

Private – Numerology Chart – Level 2

Work with me to deepen your understanding of the vibrational influences that surround your name and birthdate by building on the additional aspects of your Numerology chart. 

Topics Covered

  • Table of Inclusion
  • Karmic Lessons
  • Cycles & Pinnacles
  • Challenges

Quill pen

Private – Writing Your Memoirs

Thinking about writing your memoirs?

In this private class, we’ll walk through the steps necessary to take your life’s memories and turn them into a published legacy piece for personal or commercial use.

Please note: This is not a writing workshop. You’ll leave with a clear outline for your memoir project.

Topics Covered

  • Collecting your memories
  • Choosing images and book format
  • Finding and working with an editor and book designer
  • Publishing

Scheduled Courses

There are currently no scheduled group classes. To request a group class, email me.

Coaching start

Coaching Sessions

Intuitive Personal Support

I use a holistic approach to personal coaching that includes exploring emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of your life from a deeper perspective.

90 minutes

Book your session or email me.

Career / Business

I offer one-on-one coaching in strategic marketing and business development for healers and creators who are building, or want to build, an ethical online business to share their knowledge, skills, interests and ideas.

60 minutes

Book your session or email me.

Unsure if I’m the right fit for you?

Book a free 15 minute exploratory call with me to discern if I’m the right person to help you effectively move through your personal challenges or design a path to your career or business dreams.

Other Services

I also provide writing, editing and website development services, including writers’ education and support. Visit Outside the Lines Communications to learn more about these offerings.