• Understand Your Knowing

    Discover your dominant intuitive gift and learn its language

  • Protect Yourself

    Learn a system of energetic shielding to help you manage your energy

  • Guided Visualization

    Create a mental framework to help lock in your learning

Discover Your Intuitive Gifts

Each of us has access to a unique system of "knowing." When we learn its language, we deepen our understanding of the world we live in. You'll learn how your system "speaks" to you and how you can hone it and expand it.

Protect Yourself

  • Do you have trouble staying grounded and focused in crowded places?
  • Are you easily impacted by other people's moods or stressful situations?
  • Do you feel drained when you spend time with certain people?

Many sensitive people have a hard time separating themselves from what they are "picking up on." You'll learn a system of energetic shielding that will protect you from negativity, and help you maintain your energy no matter what's going on. You'll be able to distinguish who's energy you're actually feeling.

Master Your Mind

A disciplined mind is a powerful tool for both creation and healing. You'll learn a system of guided visualization to deepen your understanding and master your mind.

Saturday, March 10th,  1pm – 4pm

COST:  $35

timeless man


Held at the Little Classroom in Comox.

685-B Anderton Rd (at Guthrie)

You'll receive email confirmation with directions and parking information after you register.

Wear comfortable clothing, and bring water and pen and paper.

Space is limited! Register early to confirm your spot.