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On Navigating Grief

In the 2nd episode of the Women and Wellness series, Terry Folks and I discuss how she assists clients who are working through grief and change.

We all experience grief at some time, and in some way, throughout our lives because change happens to all of us, and as you’ll hear from Terry, all change is a grieving process.

This discussion is filled with insights about how to navigate our own grieving process, and how to support others during theirs. Again, Terry brings a beautiful blend of knowledge, sensitivity and compassion to our conversation.

Throughout the episode Terry provides “reflection moments” so if you’d like to get the full benefit of her work, we recommend you pause the audio at these points. Having a journal and pen available as you listen will facilitate your process.


Download these free resources to support you through the grieving process.

Grief Meditation (AUDIO 13 mins)

Terry Folks

About Terry

Terry Folks is a Canadian Certified Counsellor, Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapist and Registered Clinical Counsellor.

She maintains a thriving practice in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island where she specializes in women’s issues.

Her clients include professional women (working or semi-retired) and professional “Moms” (women dedicated to parenting, home schooling, house management without pay, etc).

Terry also facilitates “Sophia” Women’s Wisdom groups for like-minded women who wish to explore their inner wisdom as reflected in the ancient global Wisdom Traditions.

As a Healing Touch practitioner, she also offers treatments with co-practitioner Wendy Turner at SpiritFirst Counselling and Healing Touch in Comox.

Visit to learn more about Terry.


For those who want to go deeper…


Terry and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. What was the most helpful aspect of what you heard in this episode? Do you have any insights to share with others?

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