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Square Pegs

    square pegs

    I was at a party one night with a group of lovely women, most of whom are parents of young children.

    One woman was sharing her frustration in dealing with the projections of so-called experts about her child’s development. Although gifted in several areas, her daughter wasn’t measuring up to acceptable “norms.”

    It irked me significantly enough that I knew I needed to look at what the trigger was. I realized (probably obviously) that I had a similar experience as a child. I never felt like I fit in, anywhere… especially not with my family or, if truth be told, with most other humans.

    In fact I often felt like I’d been left here by aliens, and during my torturous teen years, when I finally got to move into my brother’s coveted “attic room,” (he’d gone off to college), I used to climb out onto the roof in hopes of being retrieved.

    What really ticked me off was that this Mom intuitively knew her daughter was fine (she was simply a gifted internal processor) but she was trying to play by the rules, and listen to the “experts” in order to ensure her child got everything she needed to have a fabulous life. This is what parents want for their kids – a long, safe, happy, healthy life, and conscientous parents always question themselves.

    However, what she was met with was a whole lot of projections from a system, and people working within the system, that has mastered the art of instilling fear and doubt in order to standardize and control, rather than empowering and encouraging parents seeking their advice.

    Her child wasn’t speaking enough; wouldn’t do puzzles; wasn’t a team player… clearly serious failings for a two year old!

    Translation: Not a robot that we can control so our lives are easier!

    It just infuriated me. Come on people. What about variety is the spice of life? I don’t know about you but I don’t want to live in a world of Stepford Humans. And I don’t want the next several generations to either.

    I want spiritual warriors. Brilliant creators/inventors/geniuses. We’re going to need them to help us clean up the mess we’ve made to this beautiful orb we live on.

    So to all you Moms (and Dads) out there, duking it out with all the projections clanging against your Wonder Woman bracelets… I say just IGNORE THEM. Encourage your kids to be who they are; unique, holy light beings (just like us, remember?) who are here for their own purpose.

    You are their divine stewards, guiding them until they can fend for themselves. Set them free to express themselves. Allow yourself to be inspired by them. (It’s no coincidence their spirits chose you.) Notice what they can teach you. And enjoy every minute you get to spend with them.

    And from me to you… love and deep gratitude for your blessed service to humanity.


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