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The Wellness Wheel with Terry Folks

In this episode of the Women and Wellness SeriesTerry Folks describes how she uses the Wellness Wheel in her practice.

The Wellness Wheel allows us to examine our self-care and find balance in each of the four major domains of life: Spiritual, Emotional, Mental/Intellectual, and Physical.

“Women in our culture are too often expected to assist with other people’s self care – at their own expense,” Terry notes. “What I see most often in my practice is ‘imbalance’ as women attempt to juggle so much service to so many others in only so many hours.”

Terry uses the Wellness Wheel in a variety of ways in her practice. She shares some of the self-care strategies that come directly from working with the wheel.

“Self Compassion is key to reflecting on your current balance (or lack of balance),” says Terry. “We all have ‘wobbly wheels’ occasionally, especially as we move through life’s transitions. That’s understandable. My concern is what can happen to our sense of ourselves (our “I Am-ness”) if we stay un-balanced for too long.”

If you’d like to follow along with us, download the Wellness Wheel template and the Wellness Wheel Questions.

About Terry

Terry Folks is a Canadian Certified Counsellor, Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapist and Registered Clinical Counsellor.

She maintains a thriving practice in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island where she specializes in women’s issues.

Her clients include professional women (working or semi-retired) and professional “Moms” (women dedicated to parenting, home schooling, house management without pay, etc).

Terry also facilitates “Sophia” Women’s Wisdom groups for like-minded women who wish to explore their inner wisdom as reflected in the ancient global Wisdom Traditions.

As a Healing Touch practitioner, she also offers treatments with co-practitioner Wendy Turner at SpiritFirst Counselling and Healing Touch in Comox.

Visit to learn more about Terry.

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Terry and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. What did you learn about yourself in this episode and what are the actions you plan to take to bring more balance to your wheel?

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