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Intuition ~ Imagine who you are and what you can achieve

Welcome to Imagine…

Designed to provide insight and guidance to facilitate expanding self awareness through courses in self discovery and intuitive personal and business coaching.

Kara Foreman

Hello! I’m Kara Foreman, founder of Imagine. You can find out more about me and this project by visiting my About page.

All About You

All About You Swan


Other Courses

I also offer private and group classes using a variety of personal assessment tools, both practical and esoteric.

Intuitive Coaching Sessions

Intuitive Personal Support

Are you feeling stuck? Unclear about your next steps? I use a holistic approach to personal coaching that includes exploring emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of your life from a deeper, more intuitive perspective.

Coaching start

Intuitive Business Support

I offer one-on-one coaching in strategic marketing and business development for healers and creators who are building, or want to build, an ethical online business to share their knowledge, skills, interests and ideas.

Other Services

I also work with my partner Beth Campbell Duke at Outside the Lines Communications.

Writers' Accountability Group

We provide writing, editing and website development services and facilitate a Writers’ Accountability Group where we offer writers and aspiring writers education and support.

If you are a writer struggling to keep your writing commitments, join us on Saturday mornings (PST) via Google Meet for a co-writing session and lessons in effective communication.