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Imagine Courses

IMAGINE provides online, group and one-on-one courses in self assessment & personal development using a variety of contemporary tools.

Online-OnDemand Courses

Group Classes

Group classes are delivered online using Google Meet (which is just like Zoom). They are usually scheduled quarterly. If you would like to be notified about the class dates, please join my list in the footer or email me.

Classes can also be scheduled by request with a minimum of 4 people. To request a group class, email me.

  • Group classes are scheduled on Saturday afternoons, 1pm – 4pm.
  • A workbook is included.
  • Tuition: $55

Once registration and payment is complete, the Meet link and workbook will be emailed to you.

A note about my courses

Some people have a negative perception of esoteric tools like Tarot and Numerology. They don’t see them as serious or rational. I disagree. Instead, I see them as useful tools for self assessment and personal reflection. They simply use a different archetypal symbolism, and like anything, are as effective as the “operator.”

Tarot Intro

Introduction to the Tarot

The Tarot is an esoteric tool used for personal reflection and guidance.

In this introduction to the Tarot we’ll cover all the foundational principles required to become an effective Tarot reader, whether you’re reading only for yourself, or for family and friends.

Topics Covered

  • Learn the practices necessary to develop your intuition
  • Explore the language of your intuition
  • Understand the components of the Tarot deck (Major & Minor Arcana)
  • Develop your ability to interpret the cards
  • Practice with different spreads (card layouts)
  • Weave the “story” of each reading
Tarot level 2

Tarot – Level 2

Deepen your understanding of this tool for intuitive development and learn to “read” for others.

This level is for graduates on the introductory class and for experienced readers to hone their craft.

Topics Covered

  • Archetypal positions of the major arcana
  • Integrate the multiple characteristics of the minor arcana
  • Using significator cards
  • Best practices for professional readers

What to Bring

  • Your Tarot deck
    I recommend you purchase one that calls to you. It should contain 78 cards, with major and minor arcana cards and a guide for the deck.
  • Print your workbook to add notes
  • Pens and water

Numerology 1

Introduction to Numerology

Numerology is the study of the vibrational significance of the numbers found in your name & birth date. Your Numerology chart can provide insight into your strengths & weaknesses, deep desires, emotional triggers, innate talents & the way you respond to others. It also provides tools to make important life decisions.

Topics Covered

  • Perform the calculations of your name and birth date
  • Identify your outer persona, inner motivation and deep personal self
  • Determine your Life Path, innate strengths, gifts and talents
  • Incorporate the vibrations of your personal year, month and day

Numerology – Level 2

In this follow up to the introductory course, we’ll dive deeper into the influences that surround your name and birthdate.

Topics Covered

  • Table of Inclusion
  • Karmic Lessons
  • Cycles & Pinnacles
  • Challenges & Karmic Debt

What to Bring

  • Your full name at birth, and your birth month, day & year
  • Paper, pen, and a calculator.

Private Classes

To schedule a private class in Tarot or Numerology, please email me.

Topics covered in my private classes are the same as listed above but adapted for one-on-one delivery.

Class length: 2.5 hours
Tuition: $250

These private sessions are delivered via Google Meet (like Zoom). You’ll receive the link and the course workbook after you have booked your class with me.

Personal Sessions

Tarot Readings

I also provide personal Tarot readings. Using the Tarot cards as an interpretive tool, we’ll address any issues that you would like guidance on.

  • Sessions are 90 minutes and are audiotaped.
  • Fee: $150
  • Audiotape and image of your card layout will be emailed to you following the reading.

Astro-Numerology Chart

The *Astro-Numerology* chart is unique to Imagine.

This personalized chart outlines the interconnection between the 3 primary influences in your astrological and numerological charts.

It provides a much broader landscape of who you are and what you came here to do.

  • Fee: $250
  • Allow 4 weeks from the time I acknowledge receipt of your information and payment.
  • Your chart will be emailed to you as a PDF document.

What I need

  • Your exact birth date, time* and location
  • Your full name (with exact spelling) given to you at birth**
  • Your email address (to receive your chart)
  • Your phone number (as backup only)

*This chart cannot be done without your exact time and location of birth. You can often get this information from your birth hospital for a nominal fee. Alternatively you may send your best guess but be aware that this will affect the accuracy of your chart.

**If you’ve changed your name for any reason, please provide that information in addition to your birth name. (Include full original name and reason for change. i.e. adoption, marriage, choice)

Please email your details to me. As soon as I receive your information and payment I will notify you when you can expect to receive your chart.