• What is Numerology?

    Numerology is the study of the esoteric meaning of the numbers in your name and birth date. It can provide insight into your strengths and challenges, what motivates you, and how you interact with others. It can also help you make important decisions in your life and live in harmony with your natural bio-rhythms.

  • In this workshop

    You'll learn how to perform all the basic calculations to build your “personality and life map.”

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Topics Covered

  • Calculating the vibration of your name
  • Understanding your Life Path number
  • Learning to "work" your Personal Year, Month & Day Numbers 

What to Bring

  • Spelling of your full name given at birth (even if you have changed it since)
  • Your birth month, day and year
  • Paper and pen
  • Calculator (optional)

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I have always been interested in the power and vibration of numbers.  Since taking this class, I've been inspired to keep track and record in my journal, all of my personal day, month and year numbers, and I can honestly say I feel like it has already changed my life in some very unique and positive ways.  I love Kara's approach to teaching, she makes it fun and really engages her students.  S. Grant