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Intuitive Coaching

I use a holistic approach to my intuitive personal & business coaching for healers & creatives looking to share their skills & talents.

soul eye

Intuitive Personal Support

My holistic approach to personal coaching includes exploring emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of your life from a deeper, more intuitive perspective.

If you feeling stuck and needing an objective perspective, let me help you find your way out of the weeds.

  • 90 minutes
  • $150

Coaching start

Intuitive Business Support

I offer one-on-one coaching in strategic marketing and business development for healers and creators who are building, or want to build, an ethical online business to share their knowledge, skills, interests and ideas.

  • 60 minutes
  • $100

Questions: email me.
Wondering if we’re a fit?

Book a free 15 minute exploratory call with me to discern if I’m the right person to help you effectively move through your personal challenges or design a path to your career or business dreams.